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Projects ready for investment

Real Estate Subdivision and development:

Potential multi-site properties are identified on a regular basis. Each property is researched with respect to existing building/s on-site and additional land that could be subdivided. The location, size of the land/ block, potential subdivision value and price are considered before making contact with the seller. Councils are contacted and checked/confirmed whether the sites listed for sale are actually subdivisible. For example, if a property is listed as a residential building on a large subdivisible block is for sale (House on 1000 SQM block), based on the potential that if it's possible for zoning then we can subdivide the unused land as a separate block/s and sell the block as an individual parcel of land. If the same size block/s is with a more generous zoning specification, , then we can subdivide the land into 4 or more blocks and potentially sell these blocks to individual buyers, The residential property is sold as separate property. The proceeds from the sale of the many blocks are used to pay off part of the original cost of the property, marketing expenses, government fees and levies for subdivision, agents fee for the duration of the project (24-36 months) and interest payable to the investor.

A typical example would be: some people have large 2000 SQM blocks with a house on probably 300SQM. The property is purchased and the land is subdivided into 3 to 8 blocks of individual residential blocks (based on the zoning capability in each Council). The individual subdivided blocks are sold in the open market within a period of 2 years. Then the house is sold. This gets the developer an average of 9 to 12 percent return on their investment.

In many cases, the developer takes an investment for the cost of the property and the subdivision/development. When the subdivided blocks of land and the house are sold, the investor gets around 4 to 5 percent return on his investment per year at the end of each year and when the project is completed, he can take back his investment or Re-invest in the next project.

For an investment of US$ 1.25 Million on a 3 year real estate development project, the investor is in line to receive 4 % (percent per year Simple interest) ROI payable on the first day of year 2, first day of year 3 and the day after the end of year 3. For a 2 year project, the investor will receive 4 % (percent per year Simple interest) ROI on the first day of year 2, and 4 % (percent per year Simple interest) the day after the end of year 2. On completion of each project – whether 2 or 3 years, the initial investment is returned. The investor has the option to take the investment back or re-invest on similar terms for a second project.

The investor may wish to invest US$ 2.5 Million for a permanent 20 Percent partnership stake in the business. In this case no interest is paid as above. How ever on completion of each development project, the investor is in line to receive 20% of the net earnings at the end of each project, as a onetime payment only per project. How ever to see solid returns then the investment alone in projects will need to be substantial (US$ 5 Million upwards).

Software Applications:

Currently, I am working 2 Mobile Applications (for those who love their mobile phones and tablets) that are connected to their individual websites (for those who love their desktops and laptops).

First App1cation APP1: Currently in Developed countries around the world, we notice that large volumes of household goods and appliances are placed on verges a few times each year and the relevant government Councils/ Agencies simply collect, compact and dump the lot into landfills. Every year the number of landfills keeps increasing and with the advent of new technology and comfort articles, we are going to see a massive demand for landfill areas to dump them.

Research has been conducted around these verge collection times and has found out that more than 50 percent of the goods placed on verges are actually reusable, recyclable and reinvented. Also, a large population of persons who are unable to have afforded these items might be able to use them for an extended period of time. There are large groups of people who cannot afford to even buy these goods in a second-hand shop. But the people who don’t need these goods anymore, want to get new items in their place and so these older goods are dumped on verges for collection and they go straight to landfills. Also, these unwanted goods need to be stored away until the verge collection time- either they go to the ever-flowing garages, sheds or simply outside the home to make a place for the newer items.

Realistic solution: “free2pickup” the App and website- If a person realizes that he or she doesn’t need a particular table, couch, chair, bed, cupboard, bed, shelves, bedsides, etc, simply take a picture and upload it onto the app against your name. Someone who needs such an item will make contact and the two persons can agree on a suitable time and location for the goods to be picked up for free. The persons who are picking up the item will provide proof of ID for themselves when picking up the item. Security for both the giver and the receiver is a top priority and will be vigorously followed for each handover/ take over of any item. The giver does not need to store it somewhere till the next verge collection and can get rid of the item very fast and can get a new replacement earlier. The giver then removes the item from its listing within 24 hours.

Technical aspects: Every user (givers and receivers) of the App will need to register their details as a precondition to using the App.

Results: Large volumes of usable goods get an extended period of use in new homes. These goods do not need to go on verges any more because they are gone before the verge collections. The givers are happy they got rid of their unwanted goods while the receiver is happy to get the goods that they wanted and could not afford to buy. Less unwanted goods go to the landfill. US$750,000 for 10 % Stake.

Second Application App2: Modern families have begun exploring different places. A large number of people and their families have been going on road trips around the country- some on short holiday road trips while some enjoy longer trips in their caravans. Now we have social media for various inclinations and people visit various places around the globe. But driving to various beautiful places and experiencing the goodness in each road trip has never been given its niche area. Enter “” and:” Imagine holidaymakers driving from home to a holiday destination. They can plot their journey, watering holes, eateries camping, places of stay, places of interest- all in the app. They can upload pictures, videos, and text about their trips.

This app is purely for road trips undertaken for pleasure, interest, work or study. As many people post their trips it gives more information about that place to the readers who might want to go to those places themselves by road. Information shared will be useful for road trip users. Currently, developers are working on the App and it should be ready in due course once all security aspects are integrated into them.

Investment for both the above Apps and Websites will start at UD$ 750,000 for a 10 percent stake in each Application/ Website.

Age care Residential Centres:

Every developed country is grappling with the problem of its aging population. Aged care residential centers are in service for many decades but many of them are still stuck in the generational gap and need to be updated. Charms Premium Care services are identifying large blocks of land n suitable areas to be converted into high quality aged care residential centers with a focus on the provision of health services like nursing, care, suitable diets, exercise, entertainment and good quality of life.

Land parcels of 2000 SQM and above with wide frontage are being sourced. Building plans will be worked over with relevant State and district councils. Well-appointed suites/ rooms for 50 residents will be constructed with multiple living and entertaining areas, outdoor BBQ, Bowling and Swimming facilities. There will be Nursing, Dietician and Physiotherapy services provided as will be a local General Practitioner attached to the Centre to check on our residents. Residents who require Hoists and Wheelchairs will be suitably accommodated and their access routes will be included in every building plan.

The idea is to construct a minimum of 5 Aged Care Residential Services Centres within a period of 5 years, recruit professionals who can provide outstanding services to our users and residents and offer them the best quality of aging gracefully and happily. We will work with the relevant State Government Agencies in order to provide an outstanding service to our users and residents.

As this is a large project, we are looking at raising a minimum of US$ 5 Million for each Centre- so a total of UD$ 25 million for 5 centers over a period of 5 years. These figures are subject to change based on the actual cost in each location. The investors will have a substantial stake in each Centre, the level will depend on various factors.

Blind Spot Eliminator:

Awaiting patent. This technology will revolutionize the way any person can drive his or her vehicle safely without the fear of blind spots. Additionally, this technology does not use just 360-degree cameras, this actually provides 100 percent clear view of not just the 4 sides of the vehicle, but also the lanes on both sides. More information will be provided once the patent is granted. Vehicle drivers will never need to look left or right because they will have all the information in front of them.

Seeking an Investment of US$ 5 Million for a 20 percent stake in the company will be offered to bring this top-end product to reality.

High-Speed Auto movement:

This is an ambitious project that encompasses Elon Musk’s Hyperloop technology with in house technology to move vehicles from location A to location B in a fraction of the time it normally takes a vehicle to do that under conventional circumstances. This involves constructing specialized roads, construction of specialist technological additions to vehicles to undertake these high speeds safely and effectively. More information will be provided once the patent is received.

This project is estimated to take between 3 to 5 years from start to fruition and the costs are expected to run into millions of dollars. So this will only suit deep-pocketed investors but they will reap tremendous returns once the technology is adopted. This is more suited to Hedge fund owners, Billionaires, Managed funds or Investment organizations.

The above are some of my projects. All are commercially viable after doing sufficient research and studying the scope of the business. If any of the above interests you, or you want to bring in an investment partner with you, to spread your investment over a wide area, Call +61421374281 now.

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