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Charms Indo Aussie Ventures has teamed up with Charms Sunshine Ventures for joint ventures.

IELTS Study Centres: Charms also in the process of meeting with Business Entrepreneurs and in order to set up IELTS study centers in all major cities of India. We invite expressions of interest from Individuals and Businesses The Entrepreneurs will handle all aspects of operating the Study Centre but will en-devour to provide the best IELTS training in the country to the applicants.

We at Charms are optimistic about our future and want tie-ups with like-minded individuals or businesses because we believe there is a strong market for IELTS training and would like our fair share in it. We want hard-working individuals and businesses to come on board and work together with us as a team in capturing a fair share of the market before others get in. We minimize risk by taking precautionary measures to reduce risk to our business as well as maximize our profits together. Call +61421374281 Now for more information or email [email protected]

Export-Import Services: Charms had a wide network of Australian and Indian suppliers and exporters who are registered with the company. Plans are now afoot to network with and European importers using our sister organizations based in those countries. We also have a very strong Seller network in both Australia and India for a wide range of products like Wheat, Rice, Barley, Molasses, Processed Beef and Mutton/sheep products, live animal export, Australian Wine and Beer, Rice, Fresh fruit and vegetable. We also have suppliers of Footwear, Ladies Nightwear & Innerwear, and Children’s clothes.

                                                                 Call for more information 

Phone: +61-8-94553245

Mobile: +61-421374281

Email: [email protected]

Hours of service: (Appointments must be confirmed in advance)

Mon - Fri: 10 AM- 4 PM- Business Consultancy Appointments only

Migration Clients will also be accommodated if necessary

Mon - Fri: 6 PM- 8 PM (Migration Services only)

Saturday-Sunday: - 10 AM - 2 PM (Migration Services only)